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Project I.A.A.M

    Adolescence is an age of transformation when children under-go rapid physical, cognitive, emotional, sexual and psychological changes. It is also an age of opportunity, when the brain undergoes a burst of development and the potential for learning is enormous. During adolescence girls face many challenges with immediate consequences than boys. For Adolescent girls, […]

NISITIRI Project Campaign

Ili mwanafunzi ahudhurie ipasavyo masomo yake anatakiwa ahudhurie siku 194 na vipindi 1740 katika mwaka mmoja wa masomo. Lakini kwa mtoto wa kike hasa wa kijijini amekuwa akikosa masomo kwa wastani wa siku 84 kwa mwaka kutokana na suala la hedhi ambalo ni suala la kimaumbile. Jambo hilo humfanya msichana kukosa kuhudhuria vipindi 756 vyenye […]

Emotional Growth

In previous two posts at the I.A.A.M Page we have been discussing about adolescence challenges. Introduced about the kind of growth a girl-child undergoes and we started with Physical Growth where we particularly talked about Menstrual Periods and Sexual maturity.   Today we will learn about Emotional Growth. During the time of early adolescence, you […]

Sexual Maturity

….Continuation from Girls Challenges Post It is during the middle stage of adolescent when puberty has already passed when you start being extremely concerned with how you look, and you think others are concerned too. Relationships are often changing during this stage. You will start worrying about sexual attractiveness. Most of middle adolescents complain about […]