About The Foundation

#NisitiriDhaminiHedhi Campaign: Kyela, Mbeya – Tanzania

Lorna Dadi Foundation is a Non-Profit Making Organization with three active members who have committed themselves to speak out with one voice about the lives and rights of Socially Marginalized Children and Youth in Tanzania.

Lorna Dadi Foundation was registered on 8th Day of September, 2016 with registration number 129365 under the Tanzania Business Registration and License Agency (BRELA).

From its founding, Lorna Dadi Foundation has been working on a participatory way in identifying problems and challenges faced by Socially Marginalized Children and Youth especially girls.

Tanzania is a country with many tribes and others are bound strongly by social and cultural taboos. “Breaking through the barriers” about women issues especially adolescent girls menstrual issues is very difficult hence period poverty continue to be a girl-child destiny killer.

Accurate information on the menstrual cycle, affordability of menstrual products and how to manage it is  limited. Management of menstrual discomfort is limited. Cultural, religious and behavioural expectations related to menstruation varies globally and within countries, as does the extent to which these impact on people’s ability to fully participate in society when they are menstruating.

Our Vision

Tanzania to be a country where every child and youth feels valued and having high levels of self-esteem.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of Vulnerable Children and Youths lives in Tanzania.

Our Core Values

  1. Love and Protection: Every child has the right to be loved and protected against all forms of childhood threat,
  2. Basic Needs: Every child has a right to access food, shelter, clothes and education
  3. Respect: Every child has a right to be treated with respect and dignity
  4. Responsibility: Every society member has the right to feel responsible to be engaged in constructive discussion on social issues regarding social marginalized children and youth through tools of journalism, public debate and dialogues.