Project I.A.A.M


Project I.A.A.M seminar at Kenton Secondary School, Dar es Salaam

Adolescence is an age of transformation when children under-go rapid physical, cognitive, emotional, sexual and psychological changes. It is also an age of opportunity, when the brain undergoes a burst of development and the potential for learning is enormous.

During adolescence girls face many challenges with immediate consequences than boys.

For Adolescent girls, educational attainment, sexual and reproductive transitions are closely related in that an unwanted pregnancy or any early marriage can derail a school career pre-maturely.

While boys typically marry later than girls and do not face the risks and responsibilities associated with pregnancy; their sexual maturation and behavior do not have the potential to interfere with their school progress in the same way.

Project I.A.A.M provides not only different types of trainings but also one on one conversation aiming at supporting adolescent girls in managing their mindset as they cross this very sensitive and challenging phase of life – from childhood to adulthood.
The talk covers areas such as:
1. Understanding adolescence and its challenges
2. Mindset Management
3. Exploring identity and improve self-esteem
4. Goal Setting

Being a girl comes along with a number of vulnerabilities. Therefore, providing adolescent girls with adolescence challenges management skills helps them develop their critical thinking, build their self-esteem, communicate effectively, and solve problems in a cooperative way.

Our Key Message:
• Adolescence is a time of change.
• Adolescent behavior is linked to physical and mental development.
• Changes can be exciting, but also challenging, and sometimes even scary.
• The skills and resources that one has can make it easier to go through these changes.
• Support is available for young people with questions or experiencing any difficulty regarding their adolescence life stage.

Everyone should understand that, during this phase of life education is very important because it:
a. heightens a girl’s social status,
b. minimize her social risks
c. delays her assumption of adult roles
d. Cultivate a capacity of critical thinking and independent decision making that can reshape her future pathway radically and profoundly – with cascading benefits over her life time.

This is program is for supporting mainly girls hence parents, caretakers and the society at large are invited to share their views as the girls are not living in their own island. Girls need our support on managing their adolescence phase of life so that they can become fruitful to themselves, their families and the society.

We are going to be sharing about how to manage adolescence challenges on this site and in our social media accounts on every Monday so do not miss to check us. You can ask questions or contribute. Let us share the knowledge of what an adolescent girl goes through and what skill she needs to manage the challenges.


As we closing the first quarter of year 2019, here at Lorna Dadi Foundation we would like to announce about the launching of our NISITIRI Campaign for the year 2019