The Founder

About The Founder

Author, Humanitarian and Mindset Stylist

About The Founder

Lorna Dadi is an Author and the principal founder of Lorna Dadi Foundation.

Education and Career:

A Qualified Personal Secretary Professional from Tabora Secretarial College, Lorna has worked with several giant organizations in Tanzania such as CRDB Bank Plc., Tanzania Breweries Limited and Stanbic Bank.

A progressive woman. Ten years after her graduation as a Personal Secretary, she joined the University of Dar es Salaam for a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. During the second year of her degree she pursued her career in the construction industry where she landed a job at Construction Services Consultants Limited starting as personal secretary and later on joined high management ladders and was appointed Finance and Administration Manager of the firm.

The Foundation:

It all started sometimes in July, 2006 when she met and had a chat with one of largely available Dar es Salaam city street children. The struggling life of that street child to make ends meet, broke into her heart. She since then developed a passion in working with these children and youth who are socially marginalized an effort to put a smile on their faces.

In early 2007 she organized an essay writing competition for some secondary school students in Dar es Salaam the challenge and focus was their knowledge about Orphaned and Vulnerable Children. The response was successfully.

The impetus to go extra mile in creating awareness to the society in an entertaining mode started burning inside her and grew stronger and stronger in her, she deployed her story writing talent and skills to write a swahili novel titled “Vipande vya Maisha Vilivyopotea” (The Lost Life Pieces). The book due to its story and content which represents the life of a desperate child was regarded as “The best societal book” by many readers.

Having dedicated her life to working with these needy sections of our society, she has accumulated extensive experience about the lives of socially marginalized children and youth.

These wonder children are on the increasing trend as days pass and hence pose as a threat of having hopeless generation in the near future, a catastrophe for the nation that need this human resource to productively engage in production efforts to generate national wealthy .

Well versed with the magnitude of the problem, she found it a necessity to fully join other organizations’ efforts in finding ways to not only identify the problems and challenges faced by current victims but also to find sustainable solutions to control increase of these children and youth in Tanzania. Therein, she founded Lorna Dadi Foundation


Tanzania to be a country where every adolescent feels valued and having high levels of self-esteem.


To support adolescent girls in discovering their personal identity so that they can rightly manage their mindset and avoid being deflated.

Believes in:

  1. Love and Protection: Every child and you has the right to be loved and protected against all forms of  life threats.
  2. Basic Needs: Every child and youth has a right to access food, shelter, clothes and education.
  3. Respect: Every child and youth has a right to be treated with respect and dignity.
  4. Responsibility: Every society member is responsible in providing adolescence challenges management skills to the adolescents